CIG President & Founder Manoj Nadkarni

As president of CIG, Manoj Nadkarni is one of the leaders in technology-sector investing.

Manoj has been a collaborator and trusted adviser to his clients. He has helped investors leverage his functional expertise for 16 years. Manoj has a diverse range of experience of investing in technology-centric companies encompassing chips, systems, semiconductor equipment, enterprise software, security and design software, mobile, cloud computing, telecom and Internet.

He has significant depth in discerning disruptive technologies. Manoj was an early investor in new, upcoming phenomena such as emergence of wireless and Internet, the advent of iPhones, and more recently, the dominance of artificial intelligence, Internet-of-things, big data and deep learning, achieving multiple successes for his senior clients.

Trained in engineering, Manoj brings an engineer’s mindset to due diligence and deal sourcing. He has in-depth understanding of technology businesses. Manoj has advised CEOs, billion-dollar activist fund managers and private equity managers on transforming companies with innovative value-creation concepts. He has opined in Forbes, BusinessWeek Bloomberg and other leading media.

Manoj graduated from the highly-selective Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. Manoj earned 2 graduate degrees from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Master of Science in chemical engineering (S.M.) and Chemical Engineer (Ch.E.).